Operation Yewtree with the NSPCC


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Operation Yewtree is a national criminal investigation



Between October 2012 and December 2012, 8 people had been questioned under Operation Yewtree.


On the 11th December 2012, the Metropolitan Police Service stated that the investigation of the abuse undertaken by Mr Savile had been completed and the report of Operation Yewtree was being prepared for publication in 2013


As at the 8th April 2014, an unnamed 73 year old man was held at an address in North London who became the 17th arrest pursuant to the Operation Yewtree enquiry.


Contruary to popular belief, when Stuart Hall was arrested and subsequently changer and of course convicted, his case was not part of Operation Yewtree. "The cases of Bill Roach (Ken Barlow) and Michael le Vell (Kevin Webster) were also very prominent cases, albeit they too were not part of Operation Yewtree.


 A report of the investigations into the activities of Mr Savile was published as a document called "Giving Victims a Choice" in 2013.


If you are under investigation as part of Operation Yewtree, all you think that you could be, or are about to be, or indeed if you are under investigation or believe that you will be in relation to any sexual offences, especially in relation to children or the vulnerable, you may wish to speak to Stuart Sutton at Tuckers Solicitors


Some said that the investigation into Rolf Harris and alleged sexual abuse as it was then was a "witch hunt", however, following his conviction on the 30th June 2014, many may now say that no one is above the law".


Mr Harris has been convicted on 12 Counts of indecent assault and faces a term of imprisonment when he is sentenced on the 4th July. Some will see the Max Clifford and Rolf Harris verdicts as a vindication of Operation Yewtree.


Now it seems that people from both sides of the globe are coming forward to suggest that Mr Harris has abused them. Comedian, Freddie Starr was arrested four times in relation to historic allegations before being told he would face no further action and suggested that he would bring Operation Yewtree "down on its’ knees".


When Mr Clifford was sent to prison for 8 years, the Judge said that he had groomed and degraded victims between 15 and 19 years of age. He went on to say that some of the offences, had they been charged today, would have been charged as rape.


Mr Harris’s victims were even younger with two Counts relating to girls aged 14 and either 7 or 8 years of age at the time they were assaulted.


Some very famous names have found themselves the subject of investigation pursuant to "Yewtree".


Some have been tried and convicted, some have been tried and acquitted, some are awaiting trial and some have been the subject of no further action. These include:


Gary Glitter

 (real name Paul Gadd)

Dave Lee Travis

(otherwise known as Paul Griffin)

Max Clifford

who has been convicted and incarcerated for a period of 8 years.

David Smith

 (now deceased) who was a former chauffeur to Mr Savile and who was found dead after failing to appear at Court. The Coroner’s verdict was that Mr Smith had taken his own life.

Freddy Starr


Wilfred D’Ath


Ted Beston


Jim Davidson


Rolf Harris


Jimmy Tarbuck


Chris Denning


Paul Gambaccini


Michael Salmon